this real time rendering process has changed how we work and allows us to get to results quicker then before.

Virtual reality take us just a step further. it allows us to experience the space before it is actually constructed in the field. It allows our clients to better understand our concepts. it is not uncommon for clients to make adjustments to the once they better understand the what the scale, relationships, and size of of the space we have designed. it is also common for them to increase their budget/spend on the project once they realize and understand the details of the design.

how has virtual reality made us better designers?

there was a time when designers and architects would produce perspective renderings to help clients understand the vision look and feel of a building or an interior space. These rendering wold take hours and days to produce. Then we moved to computer rendered images that allowed for additional views to be developed once the overall model was developed. The rendering times here were still cumbersome and lengthy. Today, we have the capability to render in real time.